“Linda is one of the few vocal coaches that I recommend. She inspires shy beginners, and redirects professionals to a more streamlined way of singing without changing their vocal personalities.” – Rebecca Folsom, singer/songwriter

Private Voice

private voice lesson w/ Regan, 2011

As a teacher, I’m proud to put all my varied experiences together into a teaching style that is effective and accessible. The foundation of my technique is 10 years of classically-based vocal study, but my 30+ years of pop/rock/jazz performance and my holistic studies at Naropa have equally informed my take on singing and teaching voice. My style is relaxed & intuitive, backed-up by a wealth of education, knowledge and experience, and a strong desire to help people find the beauty in their own voices. (check Bio page for details!)

A typical lesson is 50 minutes per week.  You can also do 30 minutes per week or 50 minutes every other week.  In a 50 minute lesson we start with a 5-10 minute stretch and warm-up, and then work the voice out for about 30 minutes and spend about 10 minutes on a song. However, when you enter my studio we’re on your time,  so we can structure that 50 minutes any way you’d like! Beginners generally need more exercising and advanced students need more song time.


All lesson are pre-paid (lesson times will be reserved for you only after payment is made) 

  • “a la carte lessons” are pre-paid when we agree on a time & date
  • “regularly scheduled lessons” are pre-paid monthly, by the 1st of each month
  •  a 1 hour group make-up lesson is offered monthly, which is the only way to make-up a missed lesson. I do not reschedule individual lessons missed by students for any reason.  

I prefer to have students commit to a minimum of 12 lessons once we’ve done the initial lesson to see if it’s a good fit. I call these “regularly scheduled lessons”. Regularly scheduled students always get scheduling priority but I will occasionally take on a serious student for short-term “a la carte lessons” if it seems appropriate and my schedule isn’t full. (see prices for regularly scheduled lessons and a la carte lessons) If you start studying voice and quit after a few lessons, you haven’t given it a chance. It’s like deciding to get in shape at the gym but only going once or twice. Growing & changing your voice takes consistency, thoughtfulness & patience.  If you decide to take the time to work-out, nurture, and learn about your voice, that knowledge will last a lifetime.  

All styles & all levels of experience are welcome,  starting at age 12.

  • Boulder, 1419 Pine Street-              Monday-Thursday, 3:00 – 7:30 (last lesson starting at 6:30)
  • Skype or Google Hang Out-             various times available



Prices for private voice lessons (in person or on-line)

a la carte lessons: (as our schedules permit)

$75/ one 50 minute lesson (Initial Lesson)
$150/ two 50 minute lessons ($75 each)
$300/ four 50 minute lessons ($75 each)

regularly scheduled lessons: (commitment to at least 12 weekly or alternating-week lessons)

$130/ two 50 minute lessons ($65 each)
$195/ three 50 minute lessons ($65 each)
$260/ four 50 minute lessons ($65 each)

* Call #303-443-9490 or email from the Contact page to schedule your first lesson!

* For e-Gift Cards: Call or email name of recipient, their email address, and date you’d like the e-card sent. Gift Cards must be pre-paid.  Please check my teaching hours & location to be sure they’ll work for the recipient!