“Linda is an excellent teacher! Even as someone who previously had no formal voice training and who is extremely shy about singing in front of other people, I immediately felt comfortable with her. She knows her stuff, but her lessons are relaxed, structured to your needs/preferences, and feedback and guidance are always given kindly. She meets you where you are, always.  Her SongShare small-group classes are the same way, there are just more people involved. They are a wonderful way to get some experience performing solo, receive positive and/or constructive feedback (always your choice which you’d like to hear) from the group, and enjoy making music with others on group songs in addition to your solo(s). And the groups are small (the spring session I’m in has 7), so it’s less intimidating, even if you’re shy like me. I can’t recommend them, or Linda, enough!”  Cindy Smith, Boulder, 2016

“Voice lessons with Linda have a healing element that is further opening this channel of expression for me. We had a toning session during which we worked from root to crown chakra. There was a resonance in my body that felt soothing and the very next lesson I was able to relax further and spontaneously play with song, working straight through mistakes to keep finding the sound I wished to make; something that’s been a bit of an obstacle previously. Thanks!!”  Therese Pieper, Nederland, 2015

“I so thoroughly appreciate the work Linda did with me in opening up my voice…and all the amazing benefits that come with that! Thank you Linda!”  Erina Cowan, Boulder, 2015

“The saddest thing about moving from Boulder, Colorado back to Portland, Oregon? No more weekly in-person voice lessons with Linda. The good news is that using SKYPE, I still get to learn and grow as a vocalist with her! Working with Linda has been an incredible experience. In the past, I had two coaches: one for ‘performance’, and one for pure technique and mechanics. With Linda, I found a rare combination of both skills, and have seen noticeable results since I started working with her last Fall… I have gone from tentative, newbie performer, who struggled significantly with my break, to a confident, up-and-comer in the Portland jazz scene, with steady gigs, and more importantly, a new sense of fun and confidence in my performing. I cannot thank Linda enough, or recommend her highly enough. She is an amazing teacher and coach.”  Lura Griffiths, Portland, OR, 2013 

“I went to Linda about ten years ago, along my path to improving my vocal and performance skills. Linda helped me enormously to improve my singing and her performance class gave me the courage to start singing confidently in public. I have since become a professional, touring musician and feel extremely grateful to having Linda Lewellyn be one of my awesome teachers on my musical journey!”  Jenn Cleary, Boulder, 2013

“I had taken voice lessons a few times before and came away feeling frustrated and wondering what was the point. I have to say, every lesson I have with Linda is absolutely enlightening! I come away from each lesson with a new insight that is completely changing not only my singing voice, but also changing my awareness on so many levels. Her easy going and non-threatening teaching style is the perfect fit for my overly-shy and impatient style. I feel so fortunate to have found her and if you ever had the desire to explore your voice, I highly recommend that you contact her and get started right away. You will be amazed at what she can help you discover about yourself!”  Sue, Lyons, 2012

“I mostly play guitar and needed help to be able to sing at gigs and jam sessions. I am located in Europe (The Netherlands) and it was difficult to find a local teacher who could fit evening lessons into my busy schedule. I searched around, found Linda, and have been taking Skype voice lessons from her for the last six months. The lessons are not only convenient but Linda is also a great teacher. She has helped me to improve by working on my vocal technique and also helped me to learn songs so I sing the melody correctly. She recommended recording our lessons and I can practice the voice drills while driving. I highly recommended Linda!”   Richard Abbuhl, Haarlem, Netherlands, 2012

“It had been some time since I last took voice lessons and was nervous about starting up again. Linda helped regain confidence and strengthen my singing abilities. She helped me develop technique and style as well as work on song interpretation, all of which were areas I wanted to explore. I really like that she elicits priorities and goals from her students and then shapes a learning process around those things. This is why Linda is able to work with a broad range of individuals, from very experienced singers to those who are taking lessons for the very first time. She is a skillful instructor with a fun personality, making for a fun experience.”   Will, Boulder, 2011

“She has taught me a lot and I am still learning a lot from each lesson. Without her it would take longer to reach my goals, but I have already had great gains thanks to Linda.”  Robbie, Longmont, 2011

“Encouraging and Engaging Instructor!”- “I’m a singer/songwriter that’s beginning to perform solo shows and I really enjoy working with Linda. I’m into a variety of different vocal styles and I love how I can show up to my lesson and we’ll dedicate it to certain techniques. I never imagined I’d be able to sing in my falsetto until I spent some time with Linda! Every other week another one of my friends says, “Wow, I can tell those vocal lessons are really paying off!” She’s a great instructor whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced student looking to work on specific aspects of your voice.”  Jeff Wilson, Boulder, 2010

“Refreshing!”- “Linda is charismatic, relaxed, encouraging, and focused. You instantly feel an immediate comfort towards her, allowing any barriers you might have to disappear; therefore improving much faster. I have been taking lessons with Linda on a weekly basis for about 6 months now, and am amazed to hear and realize how much more control I have over my voice- as well as recognize how much easier it is to sing a note. You know you are improving when your margin for error (pitch, control, etc.) is much much less! I love Linda; she is a GREAT balance for me and I will definitely recommend her to ANYONE who is looking for an extremely talented teacher.”  Meghan Villarreal, Denver, 2010


“Great Voice Teacher”- “Linda is a great teacher and really fun to work with. She knows her stuff, and has a great command of music theory and singing technique. At the same time, she has a nice sense of humor and keeps things light and enjoyable. She is also very patient, and is willing to work hard with you even if, like me, you come in with not a lot of skill or experience. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for a voice teacher.”   Peter, Boston, MA, 2009

“Gr8 Teacher”- “I am taking classes for 2 moths now and I feel great improvement. The attitude is right and it appears that Linda has a lot of experience teaching.. I was taking some classes with other teacher in the past and Linda is simply better. Recommended.”   Daniel, Boulder, 2009

“Find Your Voice”- “Come on…everyone secretly wants to sing well. Stop denying yourself this great pleasure. Stop listening to others and go to THE pro to know what the heck your voice is and what it is doing. Call Linda and just do it! …”‎   AldoStan, San Fransisco, CA, 2008

“Focused Personalized Attention”- “After several glowing referrals from friends I sought out Linda’s coaching to resolve some long standing vocal issues. I have studied with several other coaches and still struggled with finding a way to open my voice and breath comfortably while singing. She zeroed in right away on what the issues were and helped me to find ways to work with the problem areas. Linda stays focused all through the lesson and keeps trying different things until you are able to get the results you working for. She works hard to make sure you see improvement.”  CJ Smith, Louisville, 2008

“Very professional, friendly and talented!”- “Linda is the best. I started voice lessons with her several years ago and was terrified to sing in front of anyone. Since then she has helped me not only improve my technique, but has actually helped me do my own performance with professional musicians! (This was something I secretly longed to do, but never thought I actually would!) I was still scared, but I knew I could do it with her support, and I did. She is a performer also so she knows the ins and outs of what it’s like to sing in front of others. She is thoroughly professional and even if you never want to sing in front of anyone else she can literally help you find your musical voice. Linda really is the best!”  Jenny, Charlottesville, VA, 2008

“Linda Rocks!”- “I had never had a single voice lesson before I went to Linda. I had always been so interested in finding and connecting with my voice and knew right from the beginning that Linda was the one to work with! She combines her talents and gifts as a voice coach with a keen intuition to create the right path for what you’re looking for. Not to mention, she’s a joy to work with! Thanks Linda for guiding me on this journey…”  Erick Mueller, Boulder, 2008

“Linda’s Great”- “Linda has been instructing me since last spring. I was quite apprehensive about taking voice lessons but she has made it so easy and fun. She’s been thorough in teaching me about the mechanics of the voice/singing and she’s taught me how to match pitch — something I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do. The exercises we do in class are easily replicated, so I can practice them at home. And, she’s been quite flexible in working around my crazy schedule.”   FQ, Nederland, 2008

“Linda’s great, I came to her NO singing ability, but always wished I could – and now I can! She is very patient and has the ability to work with all types of singers, from beginners to professionals.”‎  Mountain singer, Nederland, 2008

“Individual, attentive and relaxed”- “I had a lot of confidence issues to get over when I started taking lessons with Linda. I didn’t think I had an ability to sing at all. Linda takes it really slow, and nurtures your voice with very individual attention. Before I knew it, my confidence had soared and I was a much bolder and more comfortable singer! I’m enjoying every minute of discovering my voice with Linda.”   Samantha, New York City,  2009